The Pietro Chinaglia Vivai-Nurseries company has been in the orchard nursery business since 1880. Its entire production is certified virus-free, based on the most advanced nursery techniques, thus guaranteeing the soundness and quality of its products and ensuring that fruit growers take the right road to obtaining a rapid and constant production yield. Our productions and agronomic consultancy service are appreciated not only in Italy but also in other European countries. Our nurseries are cultivated on healthy, fresh and fertile lands. The production includes pomaceae (apple and pear) and drupaceae (peach, cherry, plum etc...), with a total production capacity of about 1,000,000 young plants. Also, the nursery produces rootstocks of apple (M9, M26) and pear (MC, MA, BA29) and grafts, based on a field of parent plants capable of meeting our needs and those of other nurseries. The company supplies material throughout Europe and Russia and, above all, is able to provide consultancy on the planning of systems, systems materials (irrigation, support systems, hail netting, specialist agricultural machines. etc...)